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Smarts Visoline

Visoline windows are available in internally beaded, open-in, pivot & tilt & turn styles. Visoline is a system for windows and doors with a thermal break and is suitable for most traditional door and window applications in houses and industrial buildings. The system is available in most finishes and offers the following features:

  • Built-in depth: outer frame 51 mm, sash 60 mm.
  • Glazing rebate: 22 mm
  • Sealings: centre seal and inside stop rubber in EPDM.
  • Glazing: from 4 to 37 mm.
  • k-value: 3.110 W/m²K (Rahmenmateriaal-Gruppe 2.2)
  • Windows can be joined with variable couplings or standard fixed couplings (such as 90° and 135°) using profiles with thermal break.
  • Adapter profiles for roller shutters.
  • Window sill profiles in various depths available