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Schuco ASS 70.HI Sliding Door

Schuco ASS 70.HI

Schuco ASS 70.HI Sliding Door

Schuco ASS 70.HI


Schüco ASS 70.HI – For the best solution

If plenty of light and an impressive appearance are important to you, this system is ideally suited for large opening widths with large-scale glass constructions.


Thermal insulation is especially important in the case of large-scale constructions. It is reassuring that Schüco can offer you a Ud value of under 1.5 W/m2K with the right glazing. This makes it easy to save energy and ensure that the investment is worthwhile.


Excellent weathertightness and security up to WK2 for leaf weights up to 300 kg, plus durable, stainless steel tracks guarantee a feeling of security within your own four walls.


The flat outer frame profile is used on all sides as a frame and a low threshold provides a high level of convenience. The smooth, quiet operation of the sliding units guarantees easy operation from day one.


Achieve maximum transparency with leaf sizes up to 3 metres wide and high. In addition, enjoy the benefits of a new Softline style leaf that lends a smooth, elegant appearance. You can also choose an appropriate flyscreen as a sliding unit. This fits seamlessly into the overall appearance.

Large leaf widths, narrow profile face widths of 108 mm and above, and proportionally less frame to more glass result in an impressive, harmonious frame architecture. Contortion of the frame due to high temperature differences is effectively prevented by means of an innovative construction.

Schuco Sliding Door

Schuco ASS 50 Sliding Door

Schuco Sliding Door


The sliding doors of the Schüco ASS 50 system create generous, unimpeded and smooth-running passage openings (with three tracks, up to two-thirds of the unit width) and require a minimum amount of space. Since the sliding leaves run on one level, there are no door leaves opening inward or outward. In a closed state, the aluminium system offers excellent thermal and sound insulation owing to perfect weathertightness.

Key benefits:

  • Thermally insulated aluminium profiles with high stability
  • Integration of e-slide: fully concealed, electrically operated mechanism
  • Stainless steel tracks ensure smooth, quiet operation
  • Slim face widths of the leaf frame (84 mm)
  • Different profile colours inside and outside (colour coated or anodised surface)
  • Considerable design freedom thanks to perfect system compatibility
  • Optional burglar resistance
  • Double continuous EPDM gaskets for increased sound insulation for lift-and-slide systems
  • Weathertight to 600 Pa
  • Leaf weights up to 300 kg are possible
  • Easily connected to the Schüco AWS system (adapter profile)

There is virtually no limit to design freedom. The sliding door constructions can be perfectly tailored to individual customer requirements using sash bars, feature glazing beads and stainless steel fittings. The Schüco ASS 50 system offers ideal project solutions in the private housing sector (including conservatories), the hotel and catering sector, and in office buildings as sliding windows.

Schuco ASS 77 PD

Schuco ASS 77 PD Sliding Door

System Options

Three options: suitable for every climate zone.


Schüco ASS 77 PD.SI – highly thermally insulated system

The Schüco ASS 77 PD.SI sliding system (super insulation) facilitates large sliding systems with profiles made of ultra-modern, pultruded glass-fibre reinforced plastic. New and cutting edge materials and coating technologies result in unique thermal insulation from Uw = 0.84 W/(m²K). The elegant sliding system also offers the highest level of transparency, allowing in as much light as possible.



Schüco ASS 77 PD.HI – thermally insulated system

The Schüco ASS 77 PD.HI sliding system (high insulation) is very easy to use, has almost limitless design options and provides the highest level of transparency. A highly effective combination of aluminium and different types of plastic provides superb thermal insulation from Uw = 1.1 W/(m²K).



Schüco ASS 77 PD.NI – non-insulated system

With the Schüco ASS 77 PD.NI sliding system (non-insulation) architects create imaginative rooms flooded with light. The non-insulated sliding system with thermal insulation from Uw = 1.9 W/(m²K) is perfectly suited to use inside and in warm climate zones.