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Schüco ASS 70 FD

Aluminium doors from tried-and-tested Schüco systems offer everything you could wish for.


Complete glass walls can be opened almost fully with the thermally insulated Schüco ASS 70 FD folding sliding door. The door leaf stack folds easily, with minimal force, inward or outward, and slides to the right and/or to the left. The door leaves roll almost silently on high-quality roller carriers and are securely guided at the top and at the bottom.

ass 70 fd
  • Folding / sliding system narrow face widths from 60 mm
  • Basic depth of 70 mm
  • Attractive design with rounded profile corners
  • Outer and vent frames are mitre cut on all corners
  • Wide choice of colours, different colours inside and outside
  • Burglar resistance up to WK2 in accordance with DIN EN V 1627
  • Watertight up to class 9A in accordance with DIN EN 12208
  • Thermal insulation in accordance with DIN EN 10077
  • Units can be moved to the right, to the left, inwards or outwards, as required

Folding / sliding doors from Schüco are impressive on account of their versatility. As transparent transitions or discreet room dividers, they add emphasis in indoor areas – or they create generous gateways to the outside. Features, design and technology are, of course, at the highest level, and offer everything you could wish for.

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